New World Media Marketing Consulting

Who we are?

We are a boutique styled New World Media Marketing consulting firm specializing in comprehensive global and domestic PR, advertising and marketing programs. Our firm creates fast track, brand-building utilizing B2B, B2C and P2P marketing that maximizes awareness, market share and ROI.

We deliver a wide range of content including writing/editing, placing and posting articles, press releases, ads and case studies, while partnering with contacts in a wide range of media outlets including national magazines, major newspapers, trade publications, media websites, wire services, blogs, and other outlets.

Clients receive personalized service and attention to detail with short- and long-term strategies, helping to manage inbound and outbound communications for a wide range of targets and channels. Programs include trade show PR, product placement, community outreach, and development of intellectual properties.

We are a valued influencer, information disseminator and multiplier in the social media ecosystem and traditional media landscape, using a multitude of platforms. Our firm develops initiatives and market intelligence strategies to expand current models, while increasing client footprints on the web, in-print and in the marketplace.

Area of Expertise

Our Leadership

Christopher Pica
Founder & CEO

With more than three decades of experience, Christopher has helped build companies with impactful public relations and marketing programs.
From promoting Grand Prix Auto Racing and National Lifeguard Championships to International Lighting Campaigns and Award Winning marketing strategies, his longevity is a testament to a professional endurance in a rapidly changing workplace.
From the creation of accredited CEU courses and digital marketing campaigns to video and website direction, he is a multi-stack marketer and an impactful storyteller with a passion for the paradox. Writing creative romance copy that brings products to life with significant appeal, to writing about emerging technologies. It’s a rewarding mesh of imagination and science. And writing is just the tip of the iceberg. All fueled by hard work, vision and perseverance

Contact us:
Email:   christopher@cpmediarelations.com
Phone: 631.262.0374